Personal & Professional Coaching

Personal & Professional Coaching

I have 10 years’ experience in dealing with people who have pain or an unsolved problem. Through working as a Chartered Physiotherapist and subsequently as a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, I have developed an expert understanding of our body’s somatic response to life’s challenges and a deep understanding of Chronic pain, it is important to accept that pain is not always a manifestation of a physical aliment and can be rooted in mental and emotional trauma.

As a qualified Personal Coach, I can help you see and delve into patterns which maybe because of these traumas and determine the true underlying cause of your pain and suffering.

What creeps into your life and negatively impacts you and your decisions?

  • Is it a lack of self-belief?
  • Is it imposter syndrome?
  • Are you lost or feeling stuck, yet you have a keen sense that life has something more in store for you?
  • Do Anxiety, stress and overwhelm rule your life?
  • Do you find yourself addressing certain areas, while neglecting and ignoring other areas which trouble you?
  • You may already know what you would like to change but, in the end, never change anything.

Together let’s discover what is holding you back and facilitate change. I pride myself on creating a safe non-judgemental space to think, to talk, to be listened to and to discuss the changes that you want.

Coaches are specially trained to help you discover the changes you need to make, clarify the goals that you want to achieve, visualise your ideal life journey, working together to put a self-determined and self-motivated action plan in place and to help you follow through on your goals to change your life and help you stay accountable, as you walk towards your desired life. You will develop strategies to help you gain more self-awareness so that you can become aware of when something is out of balance and needs addressing. Balance is key and through Coaching I will help you achieve that.

Benefits people experience from coaching include:

  1. Improved sense of direction and focus
  2. Increased knowledge of self/self-awareness
  3. Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  4. Increased motivation
  5. Improved personal effectiveness
  6. Increased motivation
  7. Increased resourcefulness/resilience, e.g. ability to handle change
  8. Structured training, e.g. classroom learning

Are you ready to develop a strong internal compass of what you are feeling about any given circumstance? Learn and understand where your pain or discomfort is stemming from and finally bridging the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

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