An ancient form of therapy, which uses needles to stimulate specific points of the body. There are 361 points along what is called Meridians, which translate loosely to lifeforce pathways and connect spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the body.

I pride myself on making the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Common sensations of needling include:

  • an ache at the site
  • tingling
  • stinging
When can Acupuncture be used?

Anyone can benefit from Acupuncture however there are a few conditions which either prevent or require extra caution, e.g. patients on string blood thinners and during pregnancy. It is not quite so easy to list a few or many aliments that Acupuncture can treat. This is because in reality Acupuncture does far more than just treat a specific condition.

There are syndromes in Chinese Medicine which, much like Western medicine are made up of lots of different signs and symptoms. These reflect an imbalance in the person’s life and body.

I would encourage anyone to experience the serenity of an acupuncture treatment. It can send you off into a blissful state, where your Parasympathetic Nervous System takes over allowing your entire body and mind to relax, while helping you back to being balanced.

A clear free flowing body is necessary for the physical body to be able to function at its peak, allowing us to maintain a sense of wellbeing and healthy body functions.

Certain triggers which can lead to imbalances:

  • emotional and mental upsets
  • environmental stressors
  • poor nutrition
  • illness or disease
  • over indulging

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